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How To Update Your Work Wardrobe

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." - Rachel Zoe

Is it time to expand your work wardrobe? Did you just start a new job? Do you want to look the part for your new promotion? It's important to dress like the boss that you are! So let's update your wardrobe from business basic to career chic,

Before you begin updating take inventory of key essential items in your work wardrobe. Decide what may be outdated, or worn out vs. what items you are still getting good wear out of. If you don't know what to decipher when assessing your closet cleanse, check out my blog on 10 Things to Detox From Your Wardrobe. When you're going through your closet, be resourceful. Check out what statement pieces you may already own that can pass for your work environment if outfitted correctly. Also, purge the basics that can easily be replaced.

Shopping for the basics is just the beginning of building your work wardrobe. Sometimes you may want or, need to splurge a little on quality. I have gathered a few women’s workwear brands that elevate your office OOTD’s, otherwise known as your office outfit of the day.

  • ASOS - ASOS host both big brands and fast fashion trends. They offer everything from curve, tall, petite, & even maternity wear. For work, you can opt for their suiting and tailored section. You can also find tops as well as, sweaters to pair back to separates’. The price point is not too expensive while offering quality. Refresh your look with everything from basics, trends, and, investment pieces.

  • Zara - One of the world's largest international fashion companies. As a globally known fast-fashion retailer, they offer quality designer influenced fashion at an affordable price point.

  • Boohoo - This one is another fast-fashion retailer. They have a tailored reasonbly priced suiting to create a classic look or power up with a modern statement suit.

  • Banana Republic - Since 1978, this California based band merges elements of global travel into their designing style. Their pieces are even made with wrinkle-free, stain, and water-resistant technology forward fabrics. If you’re looking for classic, this brand is not new to this but true to this.

  • J. Crew - Another classic clothing brand that doesn’t go out of style. You will often find signature staple pieces or get standard prints like gingham, polka dot, stripes, soft florals and, even leopard. Their modern quality will take you far. Mix their items with the season to season trends.

  • ELOQUII - Derived from the Limited Brands. Inclusion and range speak volumes from this brand. Their fashion-forward styles starting from size 12 and ranging up to a 28. These pieces are not frumpy or dated at all. It's for the woman who is confident and not looking for clothing that is casually safe. Allowing you to show off your personality, and personal style. They're even offering a monthly subscription now.

  • Modcloth - This vintage meets modern brand has feminine styles that flatter everyone's style and, body type. Also offering a variety of size inclusion styles that can be worn to work and on the weekend.

  • Ezie - Nigerian Contemporary designer Esther Thezie’s clothing line is bold with an American approach. For the chic woman that is about her business. The uncommon silhouettes, textures, and prints are the investment pieces that you need when you want to make a bold statement packed with a punch

  • Shop FKSP -Folake Kuje, this Nigerian designer who is based out of California creates unique pieces with a feminine fashion flair. Offering affordable dresses, jumpsuits, pants jackets, tops, and beautiful skirts. Silhouettes are classic enough to build into your wardrobe easily for the everyday woman.

  • Theory - 1 word for Theory is Suited! They are known for their suits. Depending on the body type you can wear them as they come or get them tailored to your preference. These suits deliver a classic sophisticated look without breaking the bank.

  • Wolford - This Australian manufacturer of top of the line textiles is an investment in quality. Creating everything from underpinnings, tights, bodysuits, underwear, clothing accessories, lingerie, and shapewear. With Wolford, you will find items to take a basic wardrobe to luxe.

Whether you need statement pieces or classic items replenished, this is a great list to shop.

Here are some additional tips to consider when updating your work wardrobe.

  • Updating your shoes

  • Adding new accessories

  • Utilizing prints

  • Trying a pop of color

How often do you update your work wardrobe? If it's been a while, get started by grabbing the Essential Work Wardrobe Checklist to use as a guide to take account of what you have and what needs to be replaced. If you feel completely stuck and would like you may need more support with updating or, curating your capsule work wardrobe, learn more about my personal styling services.

(Personal Style Services are now done digitally and, virtually en lieu of COVID restrictions)

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