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10 Things to Detox from your Wardrobe

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Today is the day to let go of things that no longer serve you.

Do you have a closet full of clothes but, always feel like you have nothing to wear?

I'm definitely guilty of hoarding a closet full things that I never get a chance to wear. There is nothing worse than a cluttered closet. When you need to get ready you can't seem to find anything when you are looking for it. Such as the mate to a pair of shoes or, the match to an earring...... We have all had this happen before.

Let’s talk about how many times you have somewhere to go, you get flustered trying to find an outfit? You blank stare because you feel like you have nothing to wear? What about when you do pull an item that you are ready to wear and, it is not even wearable? Keeping things that are not wearable in your wardrobe just creates more clutter. Who has time for that? No one does and, definitely not me.

No matter if your closet is big or small, there is no reason to hold on to excess clutter. Check out the list of the top 10 things to clean out from your wardrobe to help you get an easy start on eliminating the excess.

10 Things to Detox from your Wardrobe

  1. Old undergarments - Ladies if the bra has underwire poking out of it or better yet, poking you, it is time to let it go. Any underwear with rips and, holes should be discarded asap.

  2. Faded dark's- If your blacks are grey, and the navies are dull, they are no longer needed.

  3. Dingy whites - I believe in replacing the whites in your wardrobe quite often. Why wear worn whites until they are dingy. After a few times wearing it you start to begin seeing signs of the crisp white look fading away and, that's a beacon to throw it away.

  4. You never wear it - You wore it once and, never wore it again. How about you have never worn it and It may even still have the tag on it, just collecting dust.

  5. Ill-fitting -Every time you wear it you tug on it, it's uncomfortable, and a project to wear it. Say bye-bye.

  6. Stretchy sweaters - Sweaters can either last you a lifetime or they can become itchy, stretched out or, get those annoying fuzzy balls from friction over time. Get rid of it.

  7. Irreparable items - You promised that you would get it fixed because you love it but, you have taken it all over the city for a savior to sew it for you but, it can't be saved. It's time to say peace out to this hopeless piece of clothing.

  8. Shabby shoes - Shabby shoes are an absolute no-no. If they are worn down you have gotten your use of them. Feel free to try them on to assess the look and, the comfort for when you do wear the pair of shoes. Otherwise, ditch the shoes that don't help you strut.

  9. Tarnished jewelry - If you ever buy costume jewelry then this one is a must-do on the list. If it is no longer the color of the hard metal it was inspired by then, it has served its purpose. Let it go.

  10. Extra loungewear - These are the shirts, sweatpants and more that you have gotten for free, have accumulated in the pajama drawer. You will never wear these items unless it's probably moving day. So, move it on out of your wardrobe.

If you use this simple style solution you will see a difference in how a basic edit is beneficial to maintaining a streamlined wardrobe. For more tips on how to do a closet cleanse check out the FREE How to Detox Your Closet Guide.

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