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Fall Trends That You Can Actually Wear

Why fit in, when you were born to stand out.

- Anna Wintour

It's that time of year again when you need to start transitioning your wardrobe from Summer to Fall/Winter. Due to COVID affairs, some of us aren't even getting as much wear out of our wardrobe as we would like to. Believe it or, not there are things still happening despite the pandemic. However, there are a lot of people who still need to get dressed to impress. You never know if you'll get invited to a small gathering, or if work will still be having that holiday soiree. In the event that you do, you should know what to shop for in lieu of this crazy pandemic.

We all had a chance to be front row because Fashion Week was virtual this year for obvious reasons. When it comes to " style trends" we all know that they come and, go. More often they come back around again and end up being worn in different ways than the seasons before. With that said, there are always suggested clothes and colors that glide down the runways of virtual fashion shows These looks are naturally the inspiration for the season. Check out a list of a few of 2020's Fall Trends That You Can Actually Wear.

Metallic - Metallic is very much a Fall/ Winter staple that always ends up on the list. Mix high shine satin pieces with a leather jacket or, denim.

Prep - Think schoolgirl chic from the upper east side of New York. It's collegiate style vest with argyle print and the yellow plaid skirt suit from the movie Clueless with an over-the-knee boot.

Patchwork - Go for a play on patterns with vintage patchwork in dresses and even denim. Definitely gives 70's vibes with mixed prints and color blocks fabrics..

Plaid - Scottish plaid is another print that we see in Fall/Winter. This time it's with a classic 90's vibe. Wear a tartan plaid print button-up with a combat boot.

Capes- Capes are so versatile as an outerwear layering piece. Cape silhouettes can be goth, retro, or equestrian. Wear with leggings and a riding boot or a dress with a pump.

Fringe - Fringe adds texture to any look. Don't go overboard with wearing a full outfit if fringe. Aim for one piece with the detail like a jacket, a boot, or a handbag with fringe.

Skirt Suits- Take a tailored approach with a jacket and skirt duo that has a feminine flair. Not the overly stuffy, stiff style of the past. Think Chanel tweed with a strappy heel.

Lingerie - Peek a boo an undergarment through a sheer overlay, or opt for a bralette with a detailed bra strap exposed with a sweater.

Victorian - Frilly lace, ruffles, and more ruffles. 18th Century details on high neck blouses will add ladylike vibes to your edgy outfits.

Sequin- The go-to for most parties throughout the 4th quarter. From holiday parties to New Year's Eve. Sequin is back in a pencil skirt, camisole or, a blazer to add a statement of sparkle into any look.

Shearling - You will see the Teddy Bear coat everywhere in oversize coats, and bomber jackets. This cozy fabrication is great for casual looks. Pairing with a cute mock turtleneck dress and a high boot.

Geometric Prints- Another nod at 70's prints in overlapping shapes, and color-blocked patterns in dresses, skirts and, Trench coats.

Cropped Blazers- Think equestrian chic. Don't be afraid to style the cropped blazer over a sheath dress or, with a pair of high waisted skinny pants.

Leather-Wear the buttery soft texture is not just black but, caramel, red, navy, and green shades. Try a full leather on top of leather look, or wear a one-piece like an all leather jumpsuit or dress.

Now that you have your seasonal dose of style, you can shop smart if you are still doing any shopping for clothes. As you can see, there are tons of aesthetics on this list that are repeats from past decades. So, you may already have a few of these elements in your wardrobe.

Don't forget, face masks are even being made to be more fashion-forward. Designers are going as far as to incorporate face masks with their ensembles. So when you're creating your looks with these trends get you a face mask to pair with it any of the prints or, fabrications listed above. If we have to keep wearing a mask, might as well make it fashion.

Download the FREE guides to your phone as a reference while you shop or, create your Fall OOTD'S.

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