Are you

over your 

current style?

Find out how to get unstuck out of your personal style rut.

Fashion is what you buy,

style is what you do with it.

The closet struggle is real .. . . . .

But, it doesn't have to be!

You are definitely not alone if you experience at least one common wardrobe dilemma. Having a love to shop or, having a unique sense of style comes second nature for some of us. If you don't love to go shopping often or,

if you have a very busy schedule, it's quite easy to get stuck in a style rut. When it's time to go somewhere you find yourself puzzled on what to wear.

 I'm sure that you can relate?

You are in good company if you have been ready to make a change in your everyday style. But, I can just about guess that you just haven't had a clue on how

or, where to get started?

That is where I come in as your

style mentor!


I partner with everyday women who desire to develop and, elevate their personal image or, their professional image to reflect their brand and, lifestyle.

Personal  Style  Mentor

Whether you have an event,  in need of some new pieces for the season, or just have no idea where to start to take your style to the next level.


receive a personalized approach

to styling with a customized experience to fit who you are inside & out.

Take the first steps by completing the FREE

style consultation to begin rediscovering your style.

Get the 1-on-1 guidance that you need to help you evolve your style today.

If you could  change one thing about your style what would it be?


Personal  Style  Services


Closet Detox

 Auditing your wardrobe and cleaning your closet should be done at least twice a year, in Spring and Fall.


A wardrobe audit is taking a clothing inventory and to use the opportunity to get rid of things that you do not wear, can no longer fit and, that are now out of style.


I educate you on how to choose the items that you need to omit from your closet, as well as what staple pieces you need to replace what you edited out.  


Closet Organization

Let's get you organized!

Get the ultimate closet transformation by remerchandising everything you own into a streamlined wardrobe that makes sense when it's time to get dressed. 


Wardrobe Updates

 The wardrobe update is where we will build an ensemble capsule looks that will take your wardrobe further based on your lifestyle.

Here we will build a new wardrobe aesthetic with items that you already own or, we will plan a personalized shopping list to replenish your closet with new staple pieces to complete and maximize your outfit options.


Seasonal Wardrobe Updates

 The seasonal wardrobe update is where we will build a capsule of looks that will elevate your wardrobe further based on the season.


Here we will add in seasonal items that you are missing from your current wardrobe aesthetic and replenish your wardrobe with new staple pieces to complete your outfits.


Do you have a trip or an event to attend?

But, you don't have time to meet with me due to your busy schedule or, because of your location?

We will bridge the gap to resolve your style dilemma through digital styling.


The Working Wardrobe  

 Whether you are applying for the job

or, you are the Boss, your image matters.


 The working wardrobe is an educational session to inform entrepreneurs or, team members of businesses the dos & the dont's of personal style.  

 From grooming to confidence coaching learn how to always show up looking the part.




Gain an elevated sense of personal style by discovering what you would like to update your appearance and, how to renew the outlook of your current image.


Transform your ability to confidently dress appropriately for your body type and, lifestyle.



How to maximize key pieces that you may already own, what to invest in vs. fast fashion.




  FREE consultation via email, ZOOM,

online chat, phone call or meeting in person.



Overview of your Personal Style analysis before and, after Personal Style Archetype.

Personalized lookbook and, outfit planner in PDF

Your choice of any style guide e-book.



Unlimited access to content upgrades.