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Why You Need A Content Calendar

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

A goal without a plan is just a dream.

- David Ramsey

As we know already consistency is the key to creating content that converts. In the words of Notorious B.I.G. "If you don’t know, now you know."(lol) .........So, whether you're an influencer, brand ambassador, creative-preneur, or entrepreneur, creating content should be fun. However, if you are stressed and pressed for ideas and it may not feel like fun but instead, more of a chore. Bless your heart if you’re great at coming up with posts and captions every time you want to make a post. While some posts are created at that moment, others are typically composed in advance. For longevity, preplanned posts are the remedy for posting content consistently.

I'm sure you've seen social media feeds that post daily with at least 3-6 posts. These feeds are definitely curated in beforehand. By taking designated time to brainstorm what type of content you're going to come up with, you can post more naturally. But, where do you store all of this? This is why having content calendars are beneficial. The advantage is being prepared to intentionally post content. A content calendar is how you can plan actionable steps towards your marketing strategy. You can format different post to segue on to other platforms by repurposing your content. Doing this is great for Blogs, Social media, Stories, Podcasts, & Youtube, etc. Utilize your post to work to your advantage.

Pre-plan your post for the week, 2 weeks, or even for the month. This is pretty much batch planning. Batch planning allows you to maximize your productivity so that you can execute your content strategy. I talk about batch planning in my blog post 5 Ways to Stay Creative. You will ultimately save time by doing your content creation in advance.

This is perfect if you also struggle with creating captions, this allows time to create more impactful captions that resonate with your post. You will remember the important dates that you want to focus on. Like holidays, social media holidays, and launches,

When I'm outlining my content ideas I still begin with a good old fashion pen and, paper. Then I transfer it into Trello or, Google Keep. You can use any of these online resources such as Airtable or Evernote, Co schedule, and Google Keep. Any of these are great tools to plan, organize, and schedule content.

So do you have content ideas that you have been sitting on? Do you post sporadically or, miss opportunities to post something meaningful in your niche? Well, now you can begin your commitment to content consistency. I have created a content calendar for your peruse so you can hone in on creating your content and, have fun while doing it.

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