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5 Ways To Stay Inspired In Your Creative Business

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

In the midst of chaos lies creativity

Most of us are spending more time than usual at home. Either you’re still adjusting to all of this free time or, using it to your advantage. Everything has changed at such a fast pace, like how we do everyday things to how we move in business and, how to balance it all when everything feels uncertain.

Finding new ways to market to your audience, or having to pivot systems is what everyone has had to under the current circumstances. And not to mention, finding the motivation to continue to be creative in what you do. All of the above can cause you to feel like you're struggling to keep up. As a creative, I can definitely relate. So, I’m sharing 5 Ways To Stay Inspired In Your Creative Business.


Creating content requires strategy. Such as batch planning. Batch planning is the practice of creating your content in bulk. Who wants to really do everything in real-time. It’s kind of like meal prepping. Instead of having to grocery shop, and then cook your meal, you can have the option go straight to the refrigerator and everything is ready to go. Batch planning provides the same convenience. Schedule out time for content creation and, focus on planning your social media post for a few hours. Maybe even break things up in steps per day. If you shoot videos for Youtube, then shoot multiple videos in a day, and edit the videos at a designated time. If you are a blogger, write some of your posts on a specific day, then do your graphics another day.


A Lot of us are working remotely and let’s be honest. Unless its a photoshoot for content, who really wants to get dressed to go nowhere? But, let’s be honest, staying in loungewear all will make you want to do just that, lounge right where you are. While working from home you might feel better pulling up to your desk when you at least have on some cute athleisure wear.


ZOOM meetings are a part of the new normal. But, you don't have to look like you rolled out of bed for the ZOOM. Try not to look a hot mess and dress casually for even a casual ZOOM. Take yourself seriously and show up so others can take you seriously too, ZOOM meetings don't always have to be formal. Creative brainstorming ZOOM ROOMS are trending. Grab your team, your BFF, or your favorite stranger from social media to connect to have a creative session with other like-minded people. You can bounce around thoughts and offer support to each other ideas.


Take a break, If you've been going strong by consistently creating content and your feeling like you’re hitting a wall. Pause, rest, and revisit after you feel refreshed. Every now and then we need a reset in life. Deadlines are one thing but, forcing yourself to have fun in the process puts on the pressure. Create for the sake of having fun in doing what you love. If it feels like a chore. Don’t do it. Let it go!


Burn out is a real thing. But you can reignite the flame! Did someone specifically inspire you to begin doing what you're doing? Has your niche changed in these recent times? Do you need to go back to the basics? Running out of ideas in your niche is common. But, there are a ton of resources out there for you to sharpen your tools. Get to researching for the information again. Read books, watch videos, complete a webinar, or online course. Anything to get those ideas stimulated. Remember why you do what you do in the first place. The key is to keep learning. The more you digest new ways to do what you do, you will continue to grow in what you love to do. Importantly, remember why you started.

So, get to planning how you're going to execute your ideas. Collaborate with another creative and have fun in doing so. Get excited to take the steps toward achieving your creative goals. What are you doing to stay creative these days?

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