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Best Gifts to Give for Under $100

Tis the Season to give......

I like to give a gift that is either really useful or, unique. Either way, it's still common to get stuck on what to get that special someone. As I have been scouring the stores and online stores to gage who is going to get what? I have found some gems that I couldn't keep to myself and had to share with you. Just in case you get stuck you can refer to my curated a list of favorite items that are fun, trendy, useful and, won't break the bank. I have everyone covered for her, for him, your bestie and, even your boss.

Pick the perfect present with my list of the best gifts to give for under a $100. These gifts are so good you will want to keep them for yourself.


Miracles & blessings

Wow, the more I search for the ultimate present, the more I find things that are awesomely innovative. Shopping for the holidays is so fun to me whether it's done in person or, online. You just can't help but feel the holiday spirit. And, while giving and receiving all of these gifts are great, Let's not forget that it's more important to be grateful every day for all of the good that we have in our lives thus far.

Happy Holidays!

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